Getting Crystal CLEAR Aquarium Water in an African Cichlid Tank!

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In this video we take a bit of a break from the USA content to do some aquarium maintenance! I show my water change process on the 6ft African Cichlid Waterbox tank, and share how I keep the water looking nice and clear! I talk about algae, green water, chemical filtration, and using ultra violet clarifiers (UVC) to improve clarity and get clearer looking water. I also share a bit about my upcoming Tanganyikan build which I'm very excited for :D

0:01 - Quick Tips for Clear Aquarium Water
3:50 - Water Change on my African Cichlid Tank
6:13 - Nitrifying Cycle in an Aquarium
6:42 - Using a Wavemaker in your Fish Tank
8:28 - Filtration for Improving Your Aquarium Water Clarity
13:22 - Raising pH in an African Cichlid Tank
14:05 - Using an Ultraviolet Clarifier (UVC) to Fix Green Water
14:40 - Green Killing Machine (GKM) UVC Replacement Light
19:40 - Update on my Planted Rainbowfish Tank
20:33 - My Tanganyikan Peninsula Tank Update
21:00 - Did just One Internal UVC Work on my Tank?

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