New Reefer JIMMY Fills his First Reef Tank & Adds Some Fish to Get Started! - Newbie Tank Build

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In this episode of our Newbie Tank Build series, Jimmy fixes a small issue with the RO unit, HE DROPPED IT ON THE FLOOR! From there we finish filling the tank with RO water, makes it salty and adds his first fish. Follow us on this journey as jimmy really shows off the New Reefer excitement and shows us what it's like to get a reef tank up and running for the first time.
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► Dual Orbit R24 Reef Aquarium Light LOOP Bluetooth (2 LED Set) 4420 - Current USA -

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► Two Little Fishies Dry Aragonite Natural Bottom Coarse Mix Reef Sand (44 lb) -
► Two Little Fishies Live Aragonite Natural Bottom Fine Mix (15 lb) Sand -
► Caribsea Life Rock Coral Tree Kit (7 Piece) Shelves -
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